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Increased Self Confidence with Hypnotherapy and Thrive in Bedford, Sandy, Biggleswade, Stevenage, Hitchin, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Kettering and the UK

Are you the kind of person who stops themselves from taking opportunities, or meeting new people or trying new things? Perhaps its just in one or two areas of your life? Maybe you’re confident at work but not so in your personal life?

Do you 'put on a face' to the world, pretending to be more confident than you actually are?

If any of these is true then I can help you...and within a few short weeks

It’s going to take a bit of effort but the end result is so worth it

Hi Sue,

I would just like to thank you for the help you gave me. I'm not sure whether it was the hypnosis or just the confidence I had that it was there but I managed to walk up the aisle even tho I was told I looked terrified.

After that the speech was a doddle, helped by the fact that I'd practised it so many times.

Thanks again and best wishes
Dave Warwick

(Anxiety about getting too emotional and not being able to make a speech at his Daughter's wedding)

...and, here's what Hayley O’Keefe, a reporter from the Bedford Times & Citizen newspaper had to say about her Driving Test session

Reporter Hayley O’Keeffe writes about how hypnosis saved her from a lifetime of catching the bus.

I failed my driving test six times, there I said it.

Aged 28 this was not a good thing for me, learning to drive was something I felt I should have done a lot, lot sooner, but as circumstances dictated it just never quite happened. I’ve had plenty of lessons mind you, and whenever I had any spare money would spend it on intensive courses to try and get myself that illusive pink card. But to no avail, when it came down to actually doing the test I was just so nervous. I’ve had tests where the examiner has grabbed the steering wheel, where I’ve travelled in second gear down Bedford’s London Road, and where I’ve (almost) gone the wrong way around a roundabout. If I’ve ever cut you up I’m very sorry, I was just nervous! I’ve had some great tuition too, from the ever patient Gerard Doyle of Drive Johnsons, he has had to put up with a lot I can tell you. Part of it must be to do with my age, the 17-year-olds just hop in and get going, but I think it was predominantly my mindset. I’ve always been the passenger in the car, and have never really been interested in motoring, super cars and especially not Top Gear! Being behind the wheel seemed like an alien world and was more than a little scary. So that’s where Sue Wilson came in.

Sue works at Bedford Health in St Cuthbert’s Street and is a hypnotherapy practitioner, what’s more she offers a special pre-driving test session to help candidates get over their nerves and achieve focus. I booked my seventh driving test, and after much deliberation a session with Sue, would this help me pass my test once and for all? The fateful day arrived and I headed to Bedford Health for the hour long session.

Part of me thought that this would be just the ticket, another hoped that I wouldn’t come out of the treatment room quacking like a duck! But hypnotherapy is nothing like the myths. In a consultation Sue asked me just how anxious I felt about the test, what I was most concerned about and what I wanted to feel like when I was doing the test. And after the hour, which was very relaxing indeed, I came out feeling focused and ready for the test, in a way I have never felt before. And do you know what? Later that afternoon, when the examiner turned to me and said you’ve passed I was so excited, because hypnotherapy, and a little perseverance really does work! To find out more visit

By Hayley O’Keeffe @misshokTC

The simple truth is that the better you feel, the more focused you are, the better you perform....whatever you're doing - work, sport, hobbies, social gatherings, tests and exams and so much more...

So, if you want to be able to tap into the same confidence as Hayley, no matter how many times in the past you've felt uncomfortable or failed at something, just give me a call on 01234 327 444

or text today on 07500 907 428 or send me an email to:

For more information call Sue on 01234 327 444 or

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